Get cashback for real cash when you shop online at Shopback or get your best deals with Groupon promo codes !


Friends asked me why I am always on my phone ? I was exploring new thing and I am ready to share with you, my beloved readers. If you are someone who loves online shopping, this will be the greatest news for you. ShopBack is now in Malaysia , the top cashback site in Malaysia

You don’t feel the excitement yet until you understand how it works. I am happy to share !
Again, this only works if you do online shopping, ShopBack gives you the best cashback offer on your favorite stores. Cashback = real cash ? YES , you’re so smart ! On top of existing discounts and voucher codes, you will be able to get back a percentage of the money you spent on your orders! After making payment, the cashback will be credited to your ShopBack account, which can later be cashed out into your bank account for real cash.
If you already a smart consumer, now you can be even smarter !

Maybe this video helps you understand better.

If you ever wonder, how to you get cashback from a third party when you shop online ?
Very simple : whenever you shop through ShopBack, their partner the stores reward them with the commission. ShopBack cares for their consumers and they share the commission with you by giving you cash back.

The flow goes like this , it is a win-win situation :
qdNow you are excited to know more ! Go to ShopBack official website to learn more. They have thousands of stores giving you cash back in fashion, travel, food, electronic, lifestyle et cetera. Let me show you how to do it .

Step 1 : Visit ShopBack , sign up as a member. You can sign up with Facebook too.
shopback 1

Step 2 : Go to the “Categories” on the top left, you can start searching your favorite stores.
shopback 2

Step 3 : Just click on your favorite stores, to enjoy the best deals for online shopping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step 4 : Your cash back will appear in your account within 48 hours, you can request your payout whenever your cash back is ready, straightaway into your PayPal or bank account.
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Step 5 : You can also earn money when you refer your readers to sign up for ShopBack ! That’s what I am doing right now, I want to be a smarter consumer as well ~
Copy and paste my referral link at the space provided. Aiya bro, you help me , I help you ~ good for both, hahaha.
my referral link –>

There are two ways to do so , the screenshot below shows the interface, with the relevant section highlighted in the purple rectangle.
1. enter referral email address :
2. enter referral link at “refer a friend” :

What can you get when you refer a friend ? You will be able to give your friend RM5 and get RM 5 when they purchase. Isn’t it a win-win bro ? hahaha
That’s the end ! It’s just a piece of cake , definitely a hot cake !
I hope this editorial helps you to be a smarter online shopper ~ Enjoy your best deal at ShopBack and earn your first cashback now ~

Oh yea ~ one last thing to share with you, ShopBack is a legitimate service and they have established themselves not only in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and India, they are expanding to the rest of Asia soon. In other words, it is SAFE and RELIABLE.

Flyingindance’s rating : User Friendliness* 4/5, variety* 4/5, responsive* 3/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overated**

Email :
Tel : +60 1548 48 0011
Shoback official website : click here



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