Shoot’em all @ Laser Battle Thrill @ Berjaya Times Square with Calvin Klein CK2

One of my 2016 New Year resolution is to sweat it out! I think I have fallen in love with indoor sports, my first attempt was the apocalypse-themed adventures park, I still can’t believe I made it and now, I have another milestone achieved. YEAHHHHHH cheers for me.

It was a lazy Sunday morning, I almost late for the Laser Battle Thrill, luckily my hubby wakes me up, thank you, darling.

We (Jenny and I) managed to reach Berjaya Times Square in time, unexpectedly we were the first  to reach hahaha.. maybe we are too used to be teacher and lecturer, to be on the spot is mandatory.

This time, it is called the CK2 Laser Battle Thrill. Why? hehe CALVIN KLEIN is launching their new fragrance: CK2.
cknice design, so elegant innit? it is Calvin Klein’s latest unisex fragrance. You must be wondering, what is Laser Battle Thrill to do with Calvin Klein? It is because the concept of CK2 matches the Laser Battle. Here comes the grandmother story time: the thrill of #the2ofus.

20 years ago, CK one launched as Calvin Klein’s first unisex fragrance, also is the iconic and best-selling fragrance of Calvin Klein. In the year 2016, Clavin Klein comes back with a touch of excitement to your daily life: bold, free, diverse and thrilling experiences are amplified by the connections between two people.

So elegant that I can’t stop staring at it !
CK2 will have the happening launch at Mid Valley Centre Court from 21st-27th March 2016,  go and try it out !

CK2 eau de toilette spray RM289 / 100ml , RM219 / 50ml | CK2 deodorant stick RM89/ 75g.


The fragrance is a dual-faceted scent that balances two opposing forces : the strike of spicy electric freshness by Wasabi flavour and the warmth of magnetic woods. These two scents merged together to create an urban, alternative and new freshness. It has a different smell on everyone. Coool yeah~

Alright, 废话少说 back to the Laser Battle Thrill. I was actually very confused when the crews explained the rules to us. Luckily Angelica and Tim know the rules well and they helped to plan the strategy. Well, this was my first time playing laser tag, I have to say it is an awesome entertainment and sports facility that is good, healthy and safe for families (not suitable for toddlers). CIMG4697and this is the floor plan, we were lucky to be the second team to battle so we could watch them from the TV to learn about their strategy.CIMG3149Our mission is clear : shoot everyone.. hahaha kidding kidding. Shoot the sector of our opponent , defend our sector (don’t let our opponent steal our flag) and protect our teammate from being shot by the enemy when especially when they have gotten the flag. *flag is the mark*.

We were divided into 4 teams, which is yellow, green, red and orange. I am so red (popular) of course will be in the red group hahaha (syiok sendiri). 12823479_10153611269818577_8917946109080372032_owe are ready to fight, bang bang ! Before we enter the war zone, we were required to keep our belongings (including your phone) in the locker.CIMG4690Although this game lasts only from 10-20 minutes, but I promise you to sweat like you have done 10 minutes abs workout. Make sure you plan your strategy like this: there must be defender and attacker, both must come in a pair.

In order to give customers the best feel, for every shot they take, Laser Battle’s latest equipment model Helios Pro which features vibration from the sensors and multiple colour lighting of the vest and gun. You can feel it when were shot.. like vibrating and “dead” for 30 seconds and you will be alive again.

Watch this video to check out the game !

My team won the 3rd prize, but we were proud of ourselves. As a beginner, good enough!CIMG3167CIMG3172It was really a fun workout on Sunday, enjoyed it very much and added one more “sweat it out” in my new year resolution.

Laser battle :
Address : Berjaya Times Square KL, JB City Square, Queensbay Penang, Ipoh Parade.
website : laserbattle

Flyingindance’s rating : Overall Service 4/5, safety 4/5, price 3/5, environment 4/5, excitement 5/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good, 4 = very good, 5= excellent*


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  1. I like the way you write.. ^^ and congrats on the new life achievement!!!


    1. Thank you for your support, I will continue doing my best for all of my readers ! take care .


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