{Flying’s ootd} How to choose the right clothes.

Having good clothes can boost your attitude and give you a sense of importance. I always have the problem of deciding what to wear to a wedding, concert , hightea or a date. Let me tell you, the first step to confidence is having self confidence and liking what you see in a mirror… clothes can help with this if worn properly.


There are  a few simple steps to help you choose a correct attire :

{Step 1 }

Wear the right kind of clothes for your body. Good clothing often starts with the fit.

Don’t ever have this thought : “I buy it because it is the last piece eventhough it is one size smaller” , ” I like the design although it is slightly tight for me” , ” buy first, eventually will slim down and one day I can put this on”.

Eventually you will just ended up keeping that dress in the wardrobe.

tips : 

  • High collars shorten necks.
  • Tight tops with short sleeves and breast pockets are detracting from your figure.
  • Shoes with straps shorten your legs.
  • A short necklace can shorten your neck.
  • A scarf or belt that hangs down toward the legs will make the legs appear longer. Knitted texture, lace, floras, prints, and plaids can assist in creating an illusion.
  • Thicker vertical lines in plaids lengthens and slims.
  • Wear a larger print where you want people to look and smaller print where you do not want them to look.
  • An all over print can camouflage figure problems, but prints here and there can create a fuller you.
  • Prints around the neck and over the shoulder can make your shoulders appear wider. Just wear prints near the parts of your figure’s assets, because they are usually more eye-catching than a solid color.
  • When buying pants be sure they fit well. Defects are emphasized in a pair of pants that may go unnoticed in a skirt. Depending on your body type, different pants will flatter you in different ways.


{Step 2}

Wear clothes that will emphasize your best parts and create the illusion of a very fit body.

Yes ! Show the best and hide the rest . Just like writing a resume, show your strength to your potential employee and hide your weaknesses. You know your body best !

tips : 

  • Thinner fabrics are more slimming, but wear a tank or camisole under things that you can see through.
  • Tops and bottoms of one color will make you look thinner, but be sure to do different shades of the same color.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too big will make you look bigger.
  • Wearing too large clothes will exaggerate your figure not hide it. But never wear a shirt that exaggerates your body too much.
  • Avoid belts unless you have a slim waist.
  • Use accessories carefully. Looking at too many accessories will give you the illusion of being too big.


{Step 3}

Wear a good bra and underwear when you try clothes on. Make sure the item fits well, is not too tight or loose and does not have any unsightly bulges. 

Remember, there are hundres types of bra and panty cater for every clothes/dress. A good bra helps to enhance your figure, a fit and suitable underwear makes you comfortable. You don’t want people to know the design of your underwear, do you?

tips : 

  • Avoid black bra for a white tee.
  • Choose bra carefully. Always consult the promoter for a right size and function.
  • Avoid underwear with striking colours, unless you are wearing a black clothes/dress/pants.
  • Get the right size for your underwear. Let the promoter does the measurement before buying it.
  • Wear boy-shorts underneath your pants to make you look thinner and not have those embarrassing ‘underwear lumps’.


{Step 4}

Don’t just follow fashions. Choose clothes that will flatter your figure and suit you. Not all fashionable clothes were meant for everybody, so find the clothes that are right for you.

Exactly, fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Style is very personal, choose your style wisely.

tips : 

  • Online shopping is convenient, always make sure you read the review before buying it.
  • Don’t buy until you try it .
  • Ask yourself who you want to be. After you’ve discovered your tastes, you’ll probably have a better idea of what you want to be.
  • Look in your closet and see what you already have. Perhaps you actually have a whole collection that doesn’t suit you.
  • Try to match your clothes for example if your wearing pastels than get a light color or another pastel to go with it. And try to get accessories that to flashy, also don’t put on to much makeup or you will scare him away!
  • Don’t be afraid to combine different styles in a combo, but limit it to two, maybe three items, else you will probably more look as a clown. Also same color or pattern, but with different textures that can be fun and nice to try.
  • If one of your friends has on an outfit you really like, you can ask them where they got it.


I hope you will find this information useful , and no more late for your appointment because of a cloth/dress.

These #OOTD photos were taken at Orchid Culture , Empire Gallery , Subang Jaya with Sony NEX6 (Sony 35mm f1.8). Outfit from Lesley Wardrobe , Bangsar.

footnext : 懒女人出门快搭秘诀,教你怎么选色、搭饰品!


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