Eggs & Truffle Mousselin @ Roots Kitchen Bar

Saturday and Sunday are classic Brunch-day. Brunch, a means to last night’s hangover. Still too drunk to cook and need more drinks to kill a throbbing headache you’re currently suffering from. Or some insta-girls who have the perfect dress… Only it’s not perfect for work or for a night on the town, they just want to show off their dresses on social media, posting a pic to the gram.

I used to love brunch a lot, not now. I always wake up early in the morning to have breakfast, instead of Brunch, unless I have a Brunch-date. So this fine morning, they decided to have a brunch-date to try out their Eggs & Truffle Mousseline, so we went to Roots Kitchen & Bar.

The interior is comfy… but the entrance needs to revamp it hahaha..sorry for being mean.

Alright, here comes the famous Eggs & Truffle Mousseline while waiting for others to reach. (It is not easy to have friends to reach on time these days, so appreciate those who makes effort to come early).

Eggs & Truffle Mousselin $4 (top up &1 for expresso or $2 for milk coffee) hmmm……….. I can only say it taste like an egg.. they need to improve their skill.


Pacetta , Poached Egg “Carbonara” $16, this is good to the very last bite !


Ocean Crab Pasta $18 …. tasteless.. have to eat with ketchup/chili sauce… this is sad right?


The Full English (big breakfast) $15.. so so…


Pig & Eggs $11 … no comment on this..


Eggs Benedict & Caviar $15 …. another tasteless brunch


The best is still the dessert. This Banana-Bailey $10. Bread & butter pudding of bananas, walnut, nutella & creamy bailey.


Still a wonderful brunch-date with them in despite of the not-so-yummy brunch.

Not so recommending but you can still go for their carbonara and dessert ! Both good.

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 2/5, food 1/5, drinks 2/5, dessert 3/5, price 1/5

*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good, 4 = very good, 5= excellent*

Roots Kitchen & Bar (menu)

Address : 30, Dickson Road, Singapore 209512.

Operating hours : 11am-11pm (closed on Tuesday)

Tel : +65 62915679

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