CNY Vegetarian Cheerful Lou Sang @ Hui Lau Shan with Juztin Lan

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, you know Lousang is something you can’t skip. I always thought Lou Sang is an international dish until one day I watched a Hong Kong show, knowing that the artists do not know what is Lou Sang and it was her first Lou Sang in Malaysia, I knew it is only unique to the Chinese in West Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a Malaysian dish.

Flyingindance doesn’t like Lou Sang, because of the coloring, overly sweet dressing and deep fried crisps.It surprises me this time when the first bite, second and third were all fruits ! Yes, Hui Lau Shan Monkey Year Prosperity Lou Sang is made of fruits and vegetable ! 怎么吃都不肥啦~

The new vegetarian “Cheerful Lou Sang” by Hui Lau Shan. If you are health-conscious or a vegetarian, this Lou Sang will be your best choice.IMG_4000

can you see that? it’s made of apple, mango, strawberry, green apple, watermelons, pears, Guava, Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, Pomelo, Seeds, shredded carrot and turnips and other seasonal fruits together with their secret recipe : homemade special passion fruit sauce ! So healthy to go with their new concept “Healthy Dessert”. I like the way Hui Lau Shan continually looked to innovate and create new items on the menu. This is SO DELICIOUS ~ <3<3

First, let me take a selfie haha~

12571420_1083696711662906_397476396_nLet’s toss everyone ~ my first prosperity toss for 2016 ! All I want is to be a lecturer in the Merlion City ! Please hear me dear God ~IMG_4027

Juztin Lan , Hui Lau Shan Boss, and Joe.


Of course, other than the Monkey Year Prosperity Lou Sang, Hui Lau Shan is famous for its Mango Desserts ~  their signature yellow dessert became a legend in Hong Kong food industry. Until today, the mango series remain Hui Lau Shan’s signature dish.



Mini Golden Sago Duet


Mini Prosperous Red Bean Sweetie Ball , Deluxe Mango Mochi and D24 Durian Mochi.


“kat lei yu dan” curry fishball


Prosperity HK Signature Radish Cake


the most delicious one : Juztin Lan and Flyingindance hahahahaha


Something new : Hui Lau Shan is renoating their outlets to improve the interior design, no wonder when I passed by One Utama branch it was closed. I thought I will never get to eat their mango dessert again hahaha.. choy ~

This year they are focusing in “health and leisure”, that is why they have a new logo/tagline. One Utama outlet will be ready before CNY , good for mango lovers !

such cute logo ~ hehehe

oh yea~ from now until Jan 31st, if you spend a minimum of RM18 and you will receive HLS specially designed red packets and a RM8 lucky voucher. Limited quantity available, grab while stock last peeps!

Nah Juztin Lan’s fans, for you ~

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 3/5, lou sang 4.5/5,  Radish Cake 3/5, Mango Mochi 4/5, Durian Mochi 2/5, red bean sweetie ball 3/5, environment 3/5

Happy CNY in advance !

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