Chinese New Year hairdo (treatment & haircut) @ Hair Atelier

I have not been colouring my hair for almost two years, it was a nightmare for me and still a disturbing thought each time I recall my previous hair colouring experience. I have to share with you here, hair is our second face, so take good care before it is too late to mend.

I used to go for cheap deal especially at Groupon.If you are a groupon-kaki, you should know Kota Damansara has the more hair saloon offers, for example, “haircut & hair treatment for RM68”, “hair rebonding for RM60” and et cetera. Really a steal isn’t it? It will be a different story after purchased, they will somehow make you top up your hair product, upgrade the hair stylist from junior to a senior one and many more other suggestions from them. Those are acceptable but the worst part which is what I couldn’t bear with: they pull your hair too hard, comb your hair like you have “kutu”, or bleach your hair until it becomes extremely dry and you can’t even wash your hair without applying hair conditioner. All these nightmares I wouldn’t want it again, I had had enough.

Too much grandmother’s story just now, I apologise for that, I just want to share it with you. Here comes my CNY hairdo story. First of all, I would like to thank Tedmi Malaysia for their giveaway so that I could experience such a professional hair treatment at Hair Ateliar. I had my hair colour done in Bangsar and I was looking for a good hair treatment, so happened I was the lucky one to win a hair treatment package from Tedmi Malaysia so why not give it a try. The result was awesome!

My Tobacco Brown hair colour, I wanted this colour because it looks like black colour when you stay indoor, and its brown reflection under the sun. Reason: I do not have to keep retouching my roots! In a way, it helps to prevent dryness. hahaha what a reason.


and I am ready for a haircut and hair treatment.

the best thing here, they have wifi for you. Hair pampering session can be dull without wifi, especially when you are alone.


The hair treatment products by Shiseido for the Spa Retreat Ceremony. Rm288 for long hair like me, worth every penny you spent because after this treatment I have not done any and my hair is still so smooth and manageable.


and you can go for  a better deal by signing up their 6+1 session Spa Retreat Ceremony Programme.包你美美每一天!


30 minutes later………

The senior hairstylist Will Tung advised me on my haircut and what is really suitable for me. I like his passion and humour. You can tell from my happy face during the haircut ..hehehe..laughing non-stop.

15 minutes later …………………

taaaaaadaah.. nice?


lemme take a selfie before leaving …


This is how my hair looks like the next few days..still very nice right?


Don’t say I bojio.. if you want to have a try you can visit the Viva Home Branch and look for Will Tung. HAIR ATELIER VIVA HOME

Lot 2-K-01 Viva Home,
85 Jalan Loke Yew, KL.
Tel:          03. 9285 8848 / 9282 1848

They have a cosy interior as well.


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