Flyingindance’s Special Day : The Vera Wang Dress I Fell in Love with (pre-wedding photos) #shengandnicole2015

Every girl dreams of having a Vera Wang gown for her wedding, and if you have watched Bride Wars (Kate Hudson) you definitely fell head-over-heels. I remember it well : You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera. Well said, well said….

BUT, the cost and accessibility were simply the culmination of a dream deferred. Well, as the saying goes : if you pay for peanuts, you get monkeys. BUT BUT, it’s not the end yet, there are still many quality and beautiful gowns by other designers at a more affordable price.

Just , for me, It was Vera Wang, and it was beautiful.

When I put on this dress, I didn’t want to take it off and that’s how I knew it was the one for me. It was unbelievably comfortable, for a Ballgown with 14 layers of tulle in the skirt, it’s insane how comfortable it is ! Vera Wang is the ultimate in premium bridal designers so no expense has been spared in the making of this gown to ensure the wearers comfort and quality, not to mention sensational design ! ❤ ❤ and most importantly, this dress gives you an hourglass figure ! MAD LOVE !

Maybe I have wrote too much this time, merely to share my experience , happiness and satisfaction with you. I had two different gowns from Vera Wang for my pre-wedding photoshoot. Love both gowns so much ! However, please do not ask me where I had my photoshoot, their professionalism and quality of service was a piss off , we paid through the nose for such service ( RM1x xxx). Read here for more : part 1 & part 2.

Hope you like my pre-wedding photos as much as I do.

1.Vera Wang (Kate Hudson) Ballgown



make up style : korean | gown : Vera Wang Ballgown | heels : Jimmy Choo Layla Gold

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2. Vera Wang Diana

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Can’t get enough? Want to know how I reduce my weight naturally from 56kg to 49kg ? Want to know more about my wedding ? stay tuned at Flyingindance for the coming post.

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See  you soon !

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  1. You are so blessed… I have to admit I am envious… but am happy for you as well, having the dream marriage and honeymoon most of us can only dream of… Here’s wishing you and Sheng all the love, happiness, understanding and tolerance in a marriage and to happily forever after…..


    1. thank you my dear !! all we need to do now is to fight for a better future ! hope to see you again soon !! take care and happy new year again !


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