Dinner : Ruyi & Lyn @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Don’t you realize many of your friends are posting some cute sushi look alike food on your Facebook and Instagram recently ? You want to know what it is and where to get it? How it tastes? Let me share with you.

Ruyi & Lyn located in Bangsar Shopping Centre , 4th Floor.

Something very special about the restaurant that attracted so many people to dine in, definitely the interior design and the “light up” menu. I have two short videos for you to have a look !

Oh my, look at the menu ! at the same time check out the lighting of the restaurant, can you see the pendant lights ?

and now, check out the pendant lights !

I felt like I wasn’t in a restaurant but a club at a moment hahahaha.. creative ideas , I like it !

Now, let’s see what we had for our dinner . Pardon me for such a bad photo quality, as I forgot to bring my DSLR and weren’t expect a chinese restaurant can be so dark, yes, DARK.

Ruyi’s famous sushi : photo credit Pure Glutton RM43

The sushi look alike dish namely Ruyi’s famous Sushis. A photogenic 6 pieces of local food inspired sushi : Nasi Lemak, Mango Sticky Rice and Hainanese Chicken Rice. The size of each sushi is as big as a sushi (hahaha lame).The taste of it…? hmm so so laaaa… still prefer the original one. However it is cute enough for you by just looking at it !


R.F.C RM58


Four Seasons RM33


Old Tofu RM33

“Soon Hock” Wallet RM138


La Dolce Vita RM26 CIMG0231

Happy Ending RM26


Twisted Banofee RM26

CIMG0233 CIMG0234 CIMG0237

Well, will I be there again? Maybe yes, maybe no. Their service was not up to par as they forgot to serve the rice after we reminded them for 3 times. The rice came only when the desserts were served. The taste of their food also just normal..4 of us (another two friends were too shy to be posted in my blog) didn’t finish the food. And here comes the bill :


This is what we called : ETE (Eat The Environment)

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 1/5, food 2/5, sushi 3/5, dessert 3/5, price 2/5

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